Co-Parent Coaching

What is a Divorce | Co-Parent Coach?

I am a Divorce | Co-Parent Coach devoted to helping guide your family through the divorce or separation process as well as help establish a functional co-parenting relationship. Co-Parent coaching is an opportunity for parents to learn to work together in the best interest of their children as a two-home family.

I work to strengthen the parenting functions of each parent so they become effective co-parents sharing their children in different homes. Coaching may include developing a parenting plan/residential schedule which provides structure and boundaries for their new co-parenting relationship following a divorce or separation.

Additionally, I may continue to work with co-parents after the divorce to help them learn how to:

  • Implement a parenting plan
  • Develop constructive communication protocols
  • Understand roles, boundaries, and ways of relating that allow kids to feel safe and stress-free around parents during transitions and in public

Co-parent coaches are problem-solvers and use strategies that make stabilizing two-home families easier for both parents and kids alike. Often times, co-parent coaches work exclusively with the adults while a child specialist works with the children of the family. The child specialist can introduce the “voice of the children” into a session – providing some much needed insight while the co-parents and coach listen and remain neutral.

Through this process, parents can reduce conflict, learn to communicate and develop practices and protocols that work for parenting their children in separate spaces. This professional guidance helps families successfully transition through life changes while raising their children. For example, introducing a new partner to their children as well as other family events which arise as their children grow.

Co-parent coaching provides a supportive environment in which parents learn to collaborate and explore options to raise healthy children through their family transitions. Choose Alison Forche to help guide your family through the next chapter of your individual lives.