Important Conversations During Terminal Illness

Someone shared with me recently about a family who has a terminally ill member. As this person’s health continues to decline, their appearance, energy level and mood are dramatically impacted on a daily basis. This person has reached a point where they don’t even want to see people, including members of their own family.

The challenge this presents is that the family members still want and need to spend time with this person during the time they have remaining. This is a dilemma I am sure many families experiencing these circumstances face. It is such a delicate balance between the wishes of the person who is ill and those who are incredibly sad and desperate to share and create memories of any kind during this time.

This is where mediation can be such a valuable tool to assist a family. It can be really difficult given all of the emotion and stress that each family member has to discuss each person’s needs and wishes about staying connected. Each can have ideas that are not synonymous with other and this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unable to find solutions that will serve the needs of everyone.

A mediator can facilitate conversation in a safe environment to help families navigate a way for each to be honored in their relationship through this journey. This journey is unique to each family who faces these circumstances and they deserve assistance to find as much peace and comfort as can be possible at this time.

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