I was recently speaking with someone who shared that their family member has Alzheimer’s. I asked this person, who had been very close with the Alzheimer’s individual, about visiting with them. They said they did not spend a lot of time together anymore because it was so difficult to communicate. This really saddened me. I Read More


Tis the season not only to be thankful, but also for observation and conversation. As we gather with our families to celebrate at this wonderful time of year, it is a golden opportunity to focus on the elder members of the family and discuss plans for their future. How have things changed for the elder Read More

The Importance of Social Connection

My grandmother lived to the wonderful age of 95 and up until the last two weeks of her life when she was hospitalized with pneumonia, she maintained an active daily routine which I believe (and studies show) is the key to a long and fulfilling journey as we age. I did not realize as I Read More

Important Conversations During Terminal Illness

Someone shared with me recently about a family who has a terminally ill member. As this person’s health continues to decline, their appearance, energy level and mood are dramatically impacted on a daily basis. This person has reached a point where they don’t even want to see people, including members of their own family. The Read More