Tis the season not only to be thankful, but also for observation and conversation. As we gather with our families to celebrate at this wonderful time of year, it is a golden opportunity to focus on the elder members of the family and discuss plans for their future. How have things changed for the elder family members (physically, financially, emotionally, logistically, etc.) since the last time you gathered? Have they made specific plans for their wishes to be communicated and granted with the help of those they love as they age? If so, do you know the plan and all details necessary to help? Is the plan realistic for their current circumstances? How have things changed for various members of the family who may be asked to assume responsibility as a part of the plan? Is the plan they may have still the best plan today?

If there is no plan, now is a great time when important members of the family are together to start formulating a plan and looking for the resources who can help create the important documents and services which will help honor their wishes. Whether the aging process is gradual or sudden, having these arrangements ready to put into action helps to limit chaos and stress through transitions and changes in our lives.

As an Eldercare advocate I can help elders and their families have these conversations, find and investigate experts and resources, and make their wishes a reality.

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